Shock. Terror. Horror.

Are some of the words I’ve heard most often in the past day. You probably know why, too. Just like you also immediately knew who were the perpetrators of the terror in question. Ah, wait. But how could you not know?!?! They were shouting “Allah is great!” Sometimes it’s really fucked to stay politically correct, despite one’s best efforts. For instance, we could spent a few hours screwing around with the formulation “we still do not know who the perpetrators of this heinous act are” or “the police do not reject the possibility of a terrorist attack” and shit like that, even though we all know to a tee who the perpetrator is. Can those who suspected radical Jainists please raise their hands. Anyone?

When a mentally “disturbed” young man rammed a van into the crowd at the Christmas markets in Nantes the other day I, for one, knew immediately who he was. Before the police. I was shouting at the televion, “Listen, ya want me to tell you?! Fucking idiots!”

But soon it turned out that although the young man in question was indeed Muslim, he had psychological problems. So it’s ok. It wasn’t done because he was radical, just a bit whacked. In general, we know from experience that people with psychological problems have a tendency to occasionally ram their vans into market crowds. Also, if I understood right, there’s a clear line of demarcation somewhere between a psychological problem and the belief in 72 virgins in paradise.

10906159_10205892619577289_3835950279171760544_nI wasn’t surprised at all yesterday by the events in Paris. I wish I was, but I wasn’t. Moreover, I have been expecting them these days. And I expect more of them in coming days, too. If I had been shocked that would have meant that I had somehow managed to spend the last ten years with my brain completely isolated in a box that blocks out the reality of the visible world. Or with my head in the sand. And that would be truly be a feat because Muslims, fundamentalists, not to be politically insensitive, don’t stop repeating their intentions. Repeating may be the wrong word. They demonstrate them. Including yesterday (necessarily emphasized because the number is spinning like the water meter of a decent-sized five story building, I mean, it’s already higher today than it was yesterday … never mind today, from the moment you started reading this!), since September 11, 2001, 24,795 Islamic terrorist attacks have been carried out in the world, and that’s just counting the ones where there were casualties. How the systematic slaughter and extermination of everything non-Muslim in the current caliphate is calculated, I haven’t the slightest. Maybe it isn’t even calculated but subsumed under local culture and customs. Since I’m very often criticized for being a kultur fascist because not only do I not understand them but I vocally oppose Islamic customs. If I understand right, and you can correct me, things that are not desirable for your daughters, say, sexual slavery, are completely acceptable for the women of Jazid in the caliphate and subsumed under multicultural diversity.

My only shock is your shock. Seriously, can you tell me the secret of your complete coma. By the by, hypothetically, for the purpose of argument, can you tell me what would happen if you could actually add 2 + 2? Because obviously beheadings, mass executions, extermination, 24,795 attacks, rapes, forced pedophile marriages, hangings, floggings, stonings, Nazi-style greetings – not to go on and on until the next dawn – god knows don’t seem to leave much of an impression on you. So I’m curious, what would impress you deeply enough to get you to contemplate the obvious in a moment of realization?

The only thing that shocks me more than your shock is your stupidity. Frankly, I don’t feel like searching out a more tactful formulation. Nor is there any need nor does it makes sense, and on top of all that we are starting to run out of time. You are simply stupid, at the level of someone with a diploma in political science from some Swedish university. Because for you still “all religions are the same and equally intolerant.” Equally? Really? And again, somehow, I have no dilemma as to which intolerance you would choose if you were forced to choose? That is, I know which one you wouldn’t choose. If you are a woman, I don’t have a hundredth of a second of hesitation and, faced with the terror of a choice, neither would you. If you’re gay, likewise. An atheist. A secularist. A Jew. If your IQ is higher than 16 and if, in the last few years, while flipping channels with your remote, you chanced upon the world news even once. When the analysts are explaining, after a video where murderers shout “Allah is great” while shooting a police officer in the head, in broad daylight, in the middle of Paris, that this “has nothing to do with Islam” and it doesn’t sound really strange to you, it’s ok , your anesthesia is still working.

385745_458309767529463_859033883_nIn addition to being stupid, you are also responsible for yesterday’s massacre of freedom in Paris. Because it happened because someone allowed it to happen, and it’s you who think that freedom of expression has a limit, that freedom in general has a limit, and a price by god, and that we can continue haggling over it, and you who rushed to proclaim me and others like me “equally aggressive and militant as those I criticize”. What am I doing, anyway, with a pen in my hand and not a Kalashnikov. And it’s completely ironic that you spent the day yesterday uploading photos of broken pencils on your profiles on the social networks. I know it’s hard to get this through to you because your heads are buried in the sand or stuck up your own asses, but your guilt is greater than the guilt of the perpetrators themselves.

The message of yesterday’s murders (in broad daylight, in Paris, which somehow is not the same as in broad daylight in Islamabad, say, or Damascus, because there is a local custom and you never know when you can use the rebels against the regime, the regime against the rebels, the Shiites against the Sunnis and Sunnis against the Shiites and who knows who else against who else and for what … barrels of oil, geting closer to the Caspian region, seceeding from something, weapons sales, XYZ of wonders and combinations) is political and symbolic. It was a massacre of the FOUNDATION of our civilization, or simply civilization – freedom of speech. And that is a Western traditions and with it began every possible emancipation in the world. And that is the greatest achievement of mankind throughout its history – laughing at authorities and critical reflection on religion.

Ironically-symbolically, it began nowhere but in France. The Enlightenment, Voltaire, Diderot, Montesquieu … do those names mean anything to you? “People will never truly be free until the last king is hung on the intestines of the last priest” (Diderot). That, you see, is the foundation of our freedom.

“What is happening is the suicide of the West, the lights are extinguished,” said Houellebecq, whom they have tried in the past for Islamophobia and whose new novel, Submission, – mark the symbolism again – was published yesterday in France, the theme being the Muslim takeover of the government of France. According to the folk adage that one man’s twilight is another man’s dawn, the book will sell three million copies. It may seem like serious science fiction to you but it isn’t … One doesn’t even have to have any vision. All day today I’ve been resisting the urge to get on the networks and say “I told you so” … I hate being right. But write down today’s date somwhere and listen to what I’m going to say – yesterday’s terror in Paris will be repeated. How do I know? The same way I knew what happened yesterday was going to happen. They are constantly announcing it.

The streets of French cities were full yesterday, and it was both beautiful and touching. On all sides messages and signs reading “WE ARE NOT AFRAID”. A lie. Everyone is afraid. Terror is effective.

Out of fear we have transparent garbage bags on the streets. Out of fear the PA system in the metro announces at regular intervals that every suspicious package and suitcase without an owner will be immediately destroyed. In two, sometimes even three languages. Out of fear we avoid certain quarters of European cities after dusk. Some, god knows, we avoid even during the day. And god knows the police avoids them, too. Out of fear we avoid the gaze of Salafists and Wahhabis in the street because their appearance screams the message “I hate you”. Out of fear you send me private messages in my inbox saying you concerned about me. Out of fear you you send me private messages of support while I receive openly threatening messages in the comments below my texts. Finally, out of fear we remain silent before our colleagues and our neighbors, because you never know where and when some Islamo-leftist will decide to push the envelope. It’s true that the right is picking up strength and gleaning profit. And in the next elections Marine Le Pen will slide into the second round without a hitch. But that’s not her fault. It’s also out of fear.

And all those nice Muslims, because you always have only nice Muslims among your friends, which is to say, following your unfuckable logic, Islam is nice … They’re the ones who really live in fear. In the blink of an eye anyone can be swallowed by an open manhole in any Muslim neighborhood of any major European city. And the first victims of Islam are Muslims. Just look at the abject misery of the Islamic world. If you can, at least for a moment, even when forced to do so by events like these, pull your head out of your own ass.

10801548_367997423368739_2954595621205117808_nAleksandar Lambros, outspoken atheist, journalist, photographer, the author of the atheist manifesto GOD NEVER LAUGHS